Secondhand Smoke

Free resources and campaigns to create and promote smoke-free environments for all New Mexicans.

Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing

Smoke-Free at Home encourages property managers/owners and residents to create a smoke-free environment.

Smoke-Free Homes and Cars

Learn about the effects of secondhand smoke. Free resources available including a health educator toolkit. 

Secondhand Smoke Protections in Native American Communities

Resources and campaigns to support secondhand smoke protections for Native American communities in New Mexico.

Dee Johnson Clean Indoor Air Act Information

FAQs regarding this act, enforcements and other helpful information by New Mexico counties.

Kids for Smoke-Free Air Challenge

Become a partner in this community pledge event, led by your youth organization, to encourage smoke-free homes and cars.

Have a Heart Campaign

Integrates a message about the dangers of SHS exposure to people with diabetes in Native Americans communities.