Health Systems Change

NM Tobacco System Change Training and Outreach Program

Technical assistance and resources for providers to systematically identify tobacco users, provide advice, and make appropriate referrals to patients.

Training and Outreach Program (NM TOP)

NUPAC NM has launched the Training and Outreach Program (NM TOP) to improve the ability of health care providers to systematically and routinely identify patients experiencing nicotine addiction, advise them to quit, and refer those ready to quit to treatment resources like 1-800-QUIT NOW (QUITNOWNM.COM). Participating clinics and hospitals receive the following services from NM TOP:

  1. Program orientation and assessment of nicotine addiction treatment practices.
  2. Brief Tobacco Intervention Training.
  3. Direct Referral Training.
  4. Technical assistance and final assessment of nicotine addiction treatment practices.
Free consultation and support is available from the New Mexico Tobacco Systems Change Training and Outreach Program (NM TOP)
Get help with:
  • Leveraging Electronic Health Records Systems (EHRs) to support tobacco treatment
  • Meeting Meaningful Use criteria for tobacco treatment
  • Meeting Joint Commission standards
  • Meeting PCMH and other initiative standards
  • Integrating US Public Health Service Guidelines for tobacco treatment
  • Coding and billing for tobacco-related diagnoses and treatment
  • Providing evidence-based, high quality nicotine addiction treatment and referral
The program also includes free training and information on additional resources available to help patients in New Mexico stop using tobacco.
You can view a 20-minute guide to tobacco systems change work in New Mexico here:

For inquiries, or to sign up, please call 1-844-267-4497.


Health Systems Change (HSC) Specialist

Maxine Daggett, MSW

Northern Region, Health Systems Change Specialist

Maxine Daggett holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from New Mexico Highlands University and has over 20 years of healthcare and community health experience. Prior to joining Optum, she worked as a Preventionist for North Central Community Based Services in Chama. In this role, she traveled throughout an extensive territory of Northern New Mexico to implement community substance abuse prevention programs, lead substance abuse town hall meetings, and coordinate activities for the Northern Rio Arriba Communities Health Coalition. In addition to this training and outreach experience, Maxine was the office manager for a general surgeon and family practitioner. These roles have provided her with the skills necessary to effectively work with clinical staff and providers. Maxine has been a Health Systems Change Specialist working with providers throughout the state of New Mexico for the last five years.


Be a champion for your facility and contact us today for more information. Training offerings include: Free training and outreach program to produce and strengthen systems of care for “non-barrier” tobacco treatment.

Example of the training format:

1. Introduction

(to be completed by Champion and Specialist)

  1. Program Overview
  2. Goals and Vision identified
  3. Pre-Assessment completed

2. Training

(scheduled by Champion and Specialist for all staff)

  1. Brief Tobacco InterventionNM Cessation
  2. Services, including 1-800 Quit Now
  3. Fax Referral System

3. Post-Assessment

(to be completed by Champion and Specialist)

  1. Review and assessment of training
  2. Review of direct referral activities
  3.  Post-Assessment completed


4. Maintenance Checks

(to be completed by Champion and Specialist)

  1. Conducted at 3-month intervals
  2. Review of site-level direct referral processes and activities
  3. Fine-tune process improvements
  4. Sustainability planning

5. Completion

(scheduled by Champion and Specialist for all staff)

  1. Certification of Completion
  2. Periodic check-ins (every 9-12 months)

Cessation Services

Review this printable description of free cessation services and benefits available to all New Mexicans. 

Fax Referral Form

Use this printable fax referral Form to help interested clients connect with New Mexico’s quit line.